The Fear is Yours

Most people would be really scared of decapitation followed by a plane crash, but is that really as bad as NUCLEAR WAR? Negotiate surrender now, or you’ll be hoping your head is off before the ICBMs start flying.

Truth Never Changes

You might think that this belongs on Truth Social, but we’re staying put on the platform formerly known as Twitter. It is all about messaging. Yes, we’ve been saying the same things since before the limited military operation began, but it’s still true.

Fake News is Fake

Take into account all the intelligence officials who said that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation when you see the lies they’re printing now about Ukraine doing well in their counteroffensive. Russia is winning. The experts guiding the party have told us so since long before last February.

Strong Remailns

The Russian Federation shows the strength of Russia. Yahoo shows the withering remains of bad Common LISP sites from the past. This is in no way similar to the Soviet military hardware that is currently securing the uprising in the breakaway province in the Southwest. Everyone who’s paid attention to credible people knows that Ukraine… Continue reading Strong Remailns

Malice For Michael

The Sage from New Jersey educates the Ivy League nerd on international relations. It is imporant to pay attention to only the correct sources so you don’t get an incorrect story.

The Class Struggle Never Ends

It’s always been a struggle against the ruling class. That ruling class includes the Federal spy agencies, local police, our parents.

Rage Against The War Machine

Inspired by this LP event, this site is for the new LP Russia Caucus. We love Comrade Vlad, and think the world would be safer if we just would admit that by not pleasing the great Russians, there will be NUCLEAR WAR. Be afraid.